Wines We Pour


1. Ponga Sauvignon Blanc, marlborough, new Zealand, 2015

2. 10 Span Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County, California, 2013

3. Les Freres Perroud "Amethyste", Brouilly, Beaujolais, 2011

4. The Velvet Devil merlot, Washington State, 2014


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Best Descriptors





"Burnt Sugar"

"All the Berries"


"grape Flintstone Vitamins"

"A Whiff of Ben-Gay"

"Blueberry Flavored Sharpie Marker"



Question of the Day
Todays Question

what grape am i?

-I have a very aromatic smell that some have called "Spicy"

- My origins are a bit complicated. I am famously from Germany, although I'm mostly found in France, named for a town in Italy, and I'm probably originally from Greece.

-I can be sweet, dry or off-dry